“Open Air Yoga is one of the best treats in NYC. Donna is a great teacher, she makes the class fun and challenging and doing yoga in Central Park by the Turtle Pond is a little like heaven and camp mixed together. There is nothing better!”

~ Stacey



“Every year I look forward to unrolling my mat for another season of Donna’s amazing Open Air Yoga classes. In addition to the feeling of renewal just by being in nature and really breathing in one’s mind, body and spirit, the expertise of the instructor is ideal for all levels of yoga. The wonderful homemade juice treat at the close of each class is just the icing on the cake!!”

~ Andi (Chef/Proprietor)

“I recall walking through Central Park about three years ago. Donna was guiding a handful of students through an OUTDOOR yoga session at the Turtle Pond, a sight that automatically compelled me to grab a postcard. I came to the next class and was hooked: practicing by Turtle Pond has now become a summer beacon. Donna’s ease and grace pervades every practice, in a subtle and delightful way. I enjoy running, and find that Donna’s interest in letting each participant hone in on benefiting specific parts of the practice and the body is tremendously helpful. She brings a delightful sense of humor and wonder to each session.”

~ Lauren (student, professor)



“My favorite moment of last summer was when we were practicing to the sounds of an Andrea Bocelli rehearsal/performance in the park. It’s so fun to come out and practice where you never know what you’ll be surrounded by… ducks, clouds, pups, flutes, it’s all a treat!”

~ Carolyn

“Donna’s class is a breath of Central Park fresh air – both therapeutic and challenging. Turtle Pond is breath-taking with random musicians and flocks of geese making the background dynamic and interesting. I enjoy the central theme/lesson with each class. The lesson about how uncertainty also means possibilities has really stuck with me and helped me through some hard times.”

~ Ashley (Analyst for the NY Court System)



“I really look forward to the evening yoga sessions in Central Park. While I generally find yoga as important both to maintain muscle flexibility and as a reliever of stress there is something special about doing yoga in this particular spot. The peace of being outdoors in a serene environment seeing the sun set over the water makes for a very special workout. With Donna’s guidance I feel this allows me to have a yoga workout that is physically challenging at the same time that it is mentally relaxing. I am looking forward to the beginning of this season’s sessions.”

~ Ron (Executive Director)

“After a day up in the air, Donna puts my feet back on the ground!”

~ Annette (Stewardess, Holland)



  1. We just had a super fun bachelorette party weekend, and we began our morning with yoga with Donna. We were a bit tired from the previous night, but Donna put energy back into us. We had such a nice, relaxing time overlooking turtle pond during our practice. Donna was such a wonderful instructor. If you ever find yourself in NYC with a group that enjoys yoga definitely set up a private session with Donna!

  2. My family and I were all feeling a little stressed about traveling to new york, but Donna’s lovely personality instantly brightened our day, we had two yoga sessions with her and she helped both me and my siblings stretch and find a peaceful place. It was so nice with the view of the pond in central park, and Donna helped me achieve my balance. I had a great time doing yoga with Donna!! :)

  3. I loved every minute of Donna’s class in Central Park. I happened to be in town and was able to attend one in April and May. I was surprised to find that I was able to be in tune with all the activities going on and the yoga sessions. Without exaggeration the sessions were the high points of both my trips to NYC! Donna rocks!

  4. Donna’s class next to Turtle Pond in Central Park was fantastic. I was a tourist in NYC and she taught an engaging class suitable for all levels and she gave me great memories. When I return to NYC in maybe several years I will certainly walk by turtle pond and think back!
    If you’re a tourist and you don’t have a mat with you, be sure to email Donna to bring you one!

  5. My friends and I were in NY for the weekend and my sister always wanted to do yoga in the park so we arranged for a private class with Donna by Turtle Pond, it is a must do!!! I have never taken Yoga and Donna was great at explaining how to get in the positions. This class was one of the best things we did in NY. We felt rejuvenated after a long weekend of walking around the city. I now need to find a yoga class at home. I’m just not sure I’ll find as great of an instructor as Donna!!!

  6. If anyone had told me I was going to be able to do Crow Pose I would have laughed thinking it was impossible! Not only I can do it, I have laughed a lot while learning it too!!!
    Donna’s classes are beyond luxury: I always finish practice feeling at peace with me and the world, feeling powerful and graceful. The combination of the outdoors experience and her loving, precise explanitions and let’s not forget the amazing fresh juice in the end, is just fantastic.
    I highly recommend taking private classes with Donna too. The few classes that I took with her made me correct my poses, accept my learning speed/timing and I am now doing 100% better in my group classes.
    I plan to enjoy the classes left this season and I can’t wait for next year!

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