About Open Air Yoga

Open Air Yoga brings yoga outdoors
and into the parks around New York City.

Classes are held in Central Park and in Battery Park City, and are taught by Donna Klimkiewicz, RYT

Breathe, strengthen, laugh, connect, get inspired. The season is short and the weather dictates the schedule. Take advantage of these outdoor practices while you can!

Tearing Down the Studio Walls

Since 2007, Donna has taken students and their yoga mats outdoors. From city rooftops to parks to riversides, these summer series blend skyline, nature and movement for a unique yoga experience.

Classes are all open level and taught with attention towards powerful alignment and keeping the senses open. In each 60-minute class, you’ll play, you’ll be challenged and you’ll reconnect with your mental and physical strength. Come away with clarity, calm and a cool glass of fresh juice (yes, juice! Who doesn’t want refreshment post-yoga?)

Why Open Air Yoga?

Taking your practice outside gives you the chance and the challenge to be deliberately present in nature – not the easiest thing to find in frenetic NYC. The variables make it even more interesting: a random dog wants to sniff your mat, two ants march past your toes carrying a sliver of leaf, a bird overhead drops droppings an inch away. Maybe a passing tourist wants to stop and watch. Maybe raindrops bless your face just as you lay back for sivasana.

It all adds up to another layer of yogic practice: Can you be focused and present in the midst of it all? And conversely, can you embrace the distractions and let them be part of the moment you’re in right now?

About Donna

I’ve been a student of yoga for over 20 years, and have been teaching yoga for over 13 years.

For me, yoga is sacred, challenging, balancing, empowering, playful, frustrating and uplifting. The learning never ends, the edge of my abilities and what I discover about myself is boundless.